Thursday 5 July 2012

100 Posts!

It's official!  With the writing of this blog post I will have written a whole century of posts.

I wanted to celebrate some kind of milestone and I was tempted to do it on my blog's birthday, but then changed my mind.  I have a thing with numbers and so do many of my bloggy friends so I thought the century milestone would be more fun.

Also, I thought I was going to get to the 100 mark much sooner than now but I have been extremely busy getting my kids school ready for September.  We had to get a head start on that because in our house that involves end of year homeschool exams, meetings with teachers, social workers and doctors, experimenting with ADHD meds, speech therapy, school readiness programs and then throw in a few seasonal sports like soccer and swimming for good measure.  So, not a lot of time for writing these days.

But what an amazing year!  I've been incredibly lucky to have such great loyal readers in you guys.  I've been so lucky to have the support of other wonderful bloggers.  Women like Bitches in the BurbsThe Happy LogophileRandom Thoughts From a Mad White WomanGuerrilla Mom and Geeky-Mama have been awesome to me.  It was a huge thrill to be invited to guest blog by Stephanie at Momma Be Thy Name and to receive awards from other great blogs like all.things.fadraShirley Ewe Must Be JokingThe Iris Chronicles and Attracted to Shiny Things.

Back in February I was luckier still, and completely amazed when Nicole Knepper of Moms Who Drink and Swear shared one of my blog posts on ADHD.  I have long been a fan of her blog.  The fact that she liked one of my posts, and liked it enough to share it with her readers, was a huge deal to me.  And then people started leaving all the comment love and liking my facebook page.  I can't really describe my feelings except to say that they were a lot like this:

To commemorate the writing of 100 posts I thought I would pick out my ten favourite posts.  Some you will already be pretty familiar with but some are from my earlier writing attempts when I had about ten regular readers and those people had to read my blog because they are either my best friends or my mother.

Here they are: Mommy Rotten's Top Ten of a Century

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Play Group Anxiety

I hope I haven't forgotten to mention anyone who deserves it so I'll say thank you to everyone ever who reads this blog.  You guys are the fucking best!