Friday 11 November 2011

Because You Asked For It: He's a Screamer

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Screaming When Excited

My son is 25 months old and such a healthy, happy, bright boy.  He is full of energy and gets super excited, especially around his cousins.  When we spend time with my cousin (shes pretty much a sister to me, so we say our kids are cousins as well), my son gets super excited and screams out of excitement.  This doesn't bother me.  He is happy, having fun with his cousin.  What is the big deal right?

My cousin, however,  thinks he shouldn't scream and constantly tells him "no screaming".  It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable I honestly don't see the big deal.  They are 's why he shouldn't scream.  I understand that screaming in a public, especially indoor locations is wrong and he doesn't normally scream then anyways.  Should I be teaching him not to scream altogether?

Or cut back on our playdates, at least at her house?  On the other hand, my sister-in-law doesn't mind the screaming from her kids (my niece and nephew) or my son whatsoever!  Just wanted to get some advice from other parents and here what everyone thinks!

                                                                              by Leyla

He's just super-excited!
Dear Leyla,

Why is your cousin so mean?  Doesn't she understand that your healthy, happy, bright boy is only full of energy and super excited because he is playing with her kid?  It seems pretty ungrateful of her to be constantly telling him to stop screaming in her house when it's only because he's so super excited to be there.  What's the big deal, right?

Who wouldn't want to try and carry on a conversation with a couple of screaming toddlers running around?  It's the most joyous sound in the world!  Besides you're not in "a public".  Even your 25 month old realizes this.  No, he's a good boy and he's thoughtfully reserving his shrill, migraine-inducing screams of joy for your cousin.  Who, by the way, shouldn't even be bothered by it.  After all, it honestly doesn't bother you or your sister-in-law whatsoever!  Just what are you supposed to do?  Teach him to not scream altogether?  Sheesh!

I'm afraid the only solution is to not just cut back on the playdates, but cut them out completely.  It's sad to lose a cousin so close you think of her as a sister, I know, but you've already sat there and done nothing while she constantly tried to get him to be quiet.  And you felt extremely uncomfortable while she did it.  What else could you possibly do?  How anyone who has children can be so unreasonable about the ear-splitting racket they make is beyond me but I guess that's just the way she is.

                                                                                       Mommy Rotten

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  1. How dare she try to keep her house peaceful! Jeeze, who doesn't encourage screaming as a form of communication? What is wrong with her! I know when we go places (family members homes) its totally ok for my kids to act that way. How else could we show our excitement?