Friday 2 March 2012

Because You Asked For It: Day Care Dilemma

I haven't done "Because You Asked For It" in so long.  They used to be my most popular posts.  Part of the problem is that I'm running out of material.  So if any of you happen across a good advice website, or see a WTF? advice question posted online, or even if you have been asked for advice by someone you know that you would like to see answered by me, please email your question or website to  (In the case of questions asked personally or privately I will change the names involved.)

Remember this is for humour only.  Do not take Mommy Rotten's advice seriously.  I am not a professional.

Source:  Canadian Parents

I have an 18 month old son and we just got a spot for him in daycare.  We tried it two days for an hour.  The first day he had fun but the second day he was crying when I picked him up; the DCP said another boy had scared him.  Should I pull him out of daycare and stay home with him?  Financially we would be okay as long as we watch our spending but this would cost me my career as I would not be able to go to work after.  But my son is the priority.  I need help deciding what's best for him.  Many people in my entourage are telling me to tough it out as daycare is good for him and better than staying at home with me and that if he does not go to daycare he will not be ready for school.  But I would rather have him go when he is old enough to tell me why he was crying.  I was just wondering if anyone can share their experience on how they made the decision.

Thank you!

                                                                              Nadia 500

Dear Nadia 500,

That is really tough.  On the one hand you are understandably worried about the dangers of boys terrorizing your son at daycare.  On the other hand your entourage is wisely warning you against the well-known dangers of staying at home with him, effectively rendering him incapable of socializing and reciting the alphabet.

First, I guess I have to ask just how qualified your entourage is?  I mean what functions do they serve?  Do you have a sandwich guy, a drugs guy and a get laid guy or do they all do baby related stuff like changing diapers and burping?  Are they speaking from experience?   Did their mothers fail to put them in day care and they now regret that choice? Or is it possible that they are trying to protect your career as a way of protecting their own jobs?  I mean, if you stay at home, just what is your agent supposed to do?  It's possible they aren't being very honest with you.

After you have assessed the motives of your entourage then you will be in a better place to make the best possible decision for your son.  This is important because your decision will haunt affect him for the rest of his life.  But if you do decide to sacrifice your career and your whole entourage based on two non-consecutive hours of experience at one day care then know that you will have my full support.  The only thing that ever matters is what is best for your son.  Concerns about finances or your personal satisfaction in a rewarding career you probably worked very hard to establish are only for the most selfish of mothers.

                                                                             Best of luck!

                                                                                   Mommy Rotten


  1. Concerns about finances or your personal satisfaction in a rewarding career you probably worked very hard to establish are only for the most selfish of mothers.


    Damn those selfish mothers!

  2. I say put him in a cage... That way nothing but the cage can make him cry...

  3. I didn't like her two sentences in. She is one of those parents I can't be in the same room with.

  4. 18 months old and they are just looking at day care? I would have chewed my foot off if I was still at home after a year and a half.