Wednesday 29 February 2012

My Dog Fry

My Dog Fry
When I first joined facebook I was a reluctant joiner.  My friends had already sent me several invitations before I finally caved.  When I did join I was told by Daddy that I could not post pictures of Frick (and later Frack), no matter how much my profile was on lockdown.  He's a little paranoid but over the years of being a facebook user, I have come to agree with him.

There's nothing wrong with sharing things about your kids on facebook.  I don't mind seeing cute pictures of lost teeth or Halloween costumes or graduation day or whatever.  I don't mind hearing about the funny thing your kid said or did.  They are often entertaining.  But the overshare....Oh God, the overshare!  Some of the things I have read in my timeline have made me want to punch people.

Which is why I fell in love with STFUParents.

If you're unsure as to whether or not you're behaving as a facebook parent go on over to STFUParents.  Seriously, it's like a hilarious lesson in internet etiquette of what not to do.

So in the spirit of STFUParents I have decided to start a facebook page about my dog, Fry.  This page allows me to mimic all the bad behaviour of online parents only instead of children I am talking about my dog.  I hope that people who like this page will get a laugh seeing status updates about the annoying minutiae of my dog's life juxtaposed with the annoying minutiae of their friends' kids lives.

What can you expect to see?

-updates about all the stupid things my dog does

-lots of pictures of my dog doing stupid things

-cutesy letters written to my dog, even though he can't read

-probably some pictures of dog shit.  (I'm going to see if there's any way I can get him to make in the potty)

-regular updates about my dog's age at times that make no sense (seriously I don't care that your kid is 3.67 years old today)

-over the top doggy birthday parties and other holiday celebrations

-sanctidoggy, doggy-jacking, woe is dog and more!

So, if you like this idea and are up to seeing it in your newsfeed, come visit My Dog Fry and show him some like.

Note:  In case you are a friend of mine and wondering whether or not you've been annoying the shit out of me by telling me stuff about your kids you should know that you haven't.  The offenders are casual acquaintances who obviously never read my blog or STFUParents because they never fucking stop.  My good friends don't do this because, as I have said before, I have standards.

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  1. I am headed over to the site now, but can already guess 90% of the stuff that is on there. I have unsubscribed from many people over this kind of stuff.