Thursday 6 October 2011

Because You Asked For It: Vacay From the Bay-bay

Source: The Essential Infant Resource for Moms

My daughter wants to go on vacation for a whole week and her son will only be 3 months old.  I am sad to see she is even considering this, as I still won't leave my 6 year old for more than a day.  I can't understand her with this decision, and my question is, will he forget her?  Will their bond be broken and need to be rebonded?  What are the affects it will have on my grandson, who will be with me?

She sees absolutely nothing wrong with it, and has already spent a fair amount of time away from him, daily with so many people here to care for him.  Please help me to advise her of the potential harm with their relationship and bond.


Well Robin, it pains me to tell you this but it is clear for everyone to see.  Your daughter is a lousy mother.  She really, really is.  She just sees absolutely nothing wrong with doing that kind of damage to her bond with her son.  That is, if she even has a bond.  I mean she already spends a fair amount of time away from him.  Daily.  This is the kind of trauma that will haunt a child for his whole life!

It really is a shame that she couldn't have learned about being a better mother from you.  After all, you wouldn't dream of leaving your child for more than one day!  I'm quite surprised that your superior clinging bonding skills didn't rub off on her, given the airtight bond you two must have had.  It's really just unnatural!  What kind of a mother wants to get away from her screaming shit factory  precious little baby for a whole week?

I'm afraid there is just no advising people like that about the terrible parenting mistakes they are making.  It's much easier to just talk about what assholes they are to anyone who will listen, perhaps under the guise of asking for advice.

                                                                                             -Mommy Rotten


  1. I'm a little confused, this woman has a daughter old enough to have a 3-month-old son and a 6-year-old? Well that doesn't sound like someone with serious codependency issues, who needs someone to always need them to me. Not at all.

  2. i know, right? i was trying to figure out whether the daughter with the baby was a teen mom or if maybe this woman has like ten children of diverse ages. i'm guessing the latter just because of all the people who are available to look after the baby. maybe both?