Friday 16 September 2011

Because You Asked For It: Live In Nanny

This week in Because You Asked For It:


My friends have busy lives and at least once a week, ask me, my husband, and other friends to watch their kids because they want to go out together or they have scheduled activities on the same night.  Often they request child care last minute because "something came up".  I think they need a live-in nanny because of their hectic and busy lives.  I've tried talking to them but they come up with one lame excuse after another of why it might not work.  Is there any way to convince them?

                                                                                          biopsych gal

Dear biopsych gal,

Wow, the nerve of some people!  It can really put stress on a friendship when you ask for last-minute babysitting favours.  You are absolutely right.  They need to have someone at their beck and call, day or night, just in case "something came up" again. I'm sure you are getting very sick of those "lame excuses" they keep giving as to why a live-in nanny won't work.  I'll bet it's something eye-rollingly droll like, "we can't afford it" or "that's ridiculously out of proportion with our actual needs" or "maybe we're just not that comfortable having a hired stranger living under our roof".  Perhaps they are reluctant because, like me, they grew up watching really scary shit like this:

Or this:

Or, even more frightening, this:

I mean they could ask their friends for a favour, or they could hire a teenager once a week for their night out, but why do that when it makes so much more sense to have the convenience and expense of a live-in nanny, am I right?  I'm thinking that your friends just don't get it.  I don't know if I have any good advice on how to convince those clueless people to acquire the supportive staff necessary for running their household. All I can do is suggest that the next time your friends ask you to babysit, tell them "no" if it annoys you so much.  Either that or get yourself some more privileged better friends.

                                                                                          Mommy Rotten

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