Friday 2 September 2011

Music Soothes This Savage Breastfeeder

One of my sources sent me this great article (thanks Jen!) about how scientists used violent video games to measure aggression in breastfeeding moms vs. aggression in formula feeding moms.  I know this is going to come as a huge shock but the results showed that breastfeeding women are twice as aggressive than their formula feeding counterparts who showed no higher aggression levels than non-mothers.

I'm perfectly willing to believe that.  It would explain a lot about the near-religious zeal breast-feeders tend to have about how they feed their babies and the underground crusade they fight every time they approach a woman and ask her how she feeds her baby.  I confess, I was a breast-feeder, but I like to think that I was not so aggro. I think this is due to my love of music.

Music is a huge part of my life.  When I was 16 my clever parents bought me a bass guitar for my birthday.  I banged out all of my teenage angst on that thing instead of on some drummer.  (Well, actually my boyfriend at the time did happen to be a drummer, but he was the only one, I swear!)  Anyway, I was a very angry teen and it was music that saved me from acting out in worse ways than dying my hair black and wearing Czechoslovakian army boots.  I spent my weekends at band practice, not parties.

Reading through other blogs and tweeting with like-minded moms I can see that music is not just important to me, but it's the life breath of every bad-ass mom that ever struggled to maintain her identity in the face of Barney, Caillou and Sesame Street.  It is the beacon of sanity amidst a crowd of other parents who seem perfectly happy listening to Raffi and wonder why you're not waiting in line overnight to get front row tickets to the Doodlebops.  It is the personal anthem, that special song you rock out to while doing housework or hiding from your kids that shouts out "I am more than Mommy!  I am me!"

So I decided to go out on a limb here and share my music with you, reasonably confident that it's not so lame my readers will stop reading my stuff.  My taste in music is all over the place so I hope you enjoy.  And please, if you have any suggestions for me share them!  I'm always on the hunt for something new.

This song is by a band called "Cults".  I love their 1960's sound and how the upbeat light sound is in direct contrast with the darker content of the lyrics.  I first heard this song on an episode of Weeds:

This is one of many favourites by the band "Iron and Wine".  I'm told this song was featured on an episode of Skins.  This was a bit of a departure for me but I fell in love with their bluegrassy-bluesy, folk kind of sound.  Plus the lyrics are great!

Finally, this one was recommended to me by my brother and I only listened to it because the name of the band was too awesome.  This is "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club" and I think the name really says it all:

I'm thinking about doing this on a regular basis.  If you like what I've got here leave a comment or tweet me.  Have a rockin' weekend bitches!


  1. So, I think you're my new favorite blog! While I don't share your musical tastes, I appreciate the sentiment of the post. As a mom I struggled to reconcile my mom persona with "me". I tried the whole khakis and button up short thing for a while-it felt horrible :/ a fewrusset ago I starte reclaiming ME. I still wear stylish clothes (within reason cuz nothin' makes you look like a fool more than wearing trendy clothes that look too young), I have 6 tattoos, I hire a babysitter so my hubby and I can go enjoy a night at the local club, the list goes on. There is this weird societal pressure to look and act a certain way after you have kids. To become some kind of mom-drone. I hear from people all the time that I don't look like they expect a mom of 3 to look. It makes me happy, not because I don't want to look "like a mom" (which I don't), but because that means I didn't make up this idea of what a mom "should" look and act like. Instead, it's something heavily ingrained in American culture. I loved this post and look forward to more!

  2. Thanks! I totally hear you. It took me a long time to forgive myself for not fitting the mold. We figured out when we were teenagers that kids stuff is freakin' boring, and grownups got to have all the fun. Now that we're grownups with kids that has to stop? All of a sudden we have to become 100% PG or we're bad parents?

    As for the music, give it a little time. I have a pretty wide range in taste ;)